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Zubin Surani

Just another girl who loves to write... Favorite topics are Fashion, Beauty, Poem, Books, Travel and Photography!! Feel free to connect by clicking on the button below :D

Navratri Nine Divine Nights

Navratri: Nine Divine Nights - 1

Navratri Nine Divine Nights   Navratri Nine Divine Night’s festival is celebrated in the honor of Goddess Durga. “Nava-ratri” literally means “Nine Divine Nights.” “Garba” is a very popular and well-known traditional folk dance originated in the state of Gujarat-India. Well, ...

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DIY Canvas Shoes !

DIY Canvas Shoes

DIY Canvas Shoes – Turn your old school worn out canvas into new!   This is a review of DIY canvas shoes to your new sexy shoes. Being a shop-a-holic & fashionista I love all things that are IN, trendy, ...

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Little Fairy Tale – A Poem!!

The Little Fairy Tale - Bkeeda

Little Fairy Tale   As I write this little fairy tale, I think about the past & wail. Those days of happiness have gone somewhere, And I struggle to find them everywhere. Kisses & hugs & smiles we had, Thinking ...

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The Blue Eyed Girl – A Poem !!

The Blue Eyed Girl - Bkeeda

The Blue Eyed Girl !   In the eyes so blue, I keep staring at you   Oh that kiddish smile, Goes on miles & miles…   Those long locks of hair, Ties me with a rope on the chair ...

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Natural Remedies For Hair Loss !!

Natural Remedies For Hair Loss 1

Natural Remedies For Hair Loss  !!   Better to use natural products to reduce/stop hair-fall than spending on expensive parlour treatments, which may be a temporary solution to the problem. We all lose some hair strands every day. Our everyday actions such as ...

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Beautiful Eyes : A Myth Resolved

BK-Beautiful Eyes - 1

Beautiful Eyes : A Myth Resolved !! “Beautiful Eyes” are every girl’s dream! A beautifully done eye can attract anyone’s attention. Eyes reflects a person’s personality & thus to enhance its beauty one has to use some or the other ...

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When Only Love Remains – A Book Review !!

When Only Love Remains - BK

When Only Love Remains – A Book Review !! Any Indian who loves to read books would surely know about Durjoy Datta. He has recently launched another book that is bound to become a bestseller – When Only Love Remains. ...

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