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Struggle Of Life 123

Struggle Of Life ! – An Editorial Rant.

Sometimes an incident shatters all plans. And we assume that hurtful incident to be the centre-point of our lives. But does the future depend on any one’s plans? In reality, whenever we aspire something, we are bound to face new challenges, new obstacles and hurdles. At every step, we plan about the next imminent step. At every step, we rework our plan. Otherwise the old plan may end up bringing us down. There is no way we can adapt our goals, but rather we need to adapt ourselves to achieve them. That’s the rule of life. When someone makes one challenge or hurdle to be the centre-point of his life. He hinders the pace of his life. There is no way that he will attain success in life. And neither will he attain peace and happiness. In other words, instead of making our lives worthy of us, let’s try and make ourselves worthy of our life. This is the true path to success and happiness. Then whats not to overcome the struggle of life.

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On the basis of past experiences we imagine the joys and sorrows of the future. To eliminate sorrows of the future, we make plans today. But tomorrow’s hurdle, if planned for today, does it benefit us or harm us? We often overlook this question. The truth is that a problem and its solution are born together. Isn’t it? Think about our past. Look at our history. You’ll realize that whenever a problem arises, so does its solution. That’s the way of the universe. Therefore, a problem is the reason for the birth of the solution. When every person emerges out of a problem is when he would have progressed a step further. He is wiser. He is high on confidence. Not just for himself, but for the world around him as well. Isn’t it? In reality, a problem is an opportunity. To change oneself. To broaden our views. To make our soul stronger and more enlightened. The one who is able to do so, never faces any problems. But the one who fails to do this, he is himself a problem for this world. That is the struggle of life.

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Another name for future is struggle. Struggle of life. If we desire something today and it remains unfulfilled, then the mind plans for the future. It imagines that the desire will be fulfilled somewhere in the future. But life is neither in the future nor in the past. Life is the name of living in the moment. In other words, experiencing this moment is experiencing life. And despite knowing this, we fail to understand this truth. Either we are surrounded by past memories or we are planning for the future while the lives we live passes away. If we accept the truth that neither can we foresee the future nor can we create the future, only then we can be courageous and embrace the future. Only then can we welcome the future. Won’t it fill every moment of our lives with life when we stop worrying or planning about the future? Think about it…

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