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Activated Charcoal Face Pack 01

Activated Charcoal Face Pack Review

Activated Charcoal Face Pack Review


Activated Charcoal face packs are used in the beauty industry mostly for oily or acne prone skin because of the activated charcoal´s ability to draw impurities out of the skin more effectively than a lot of other cleansing ingredients.

Lets understand what is Activated Charcoal & its benefits;

An activated charcoal face pack is a pack used as a beauty treatment that contains activated charcoal and other ingredients such as Aloe Vera or honey to help your skin look and feel fresh & rejuvenated.

The charcoal powder is a thin, odorless and tasteless black powder which comes from the coal of burnt woods or from fiber plants of the coco palm, bamboo. Its a natural ingredient, it needs to go through a special procedure to be transformed into activated charcoal.

Some major benefits of charcoal face pack:

  • Help prevent acne breakouts by removing excess oil and toxins
  • Reduce oiliness
  • Deep cleanse pores, removing dirt, debris and excessive oil
  • Diminish blackheads
  • Make pores smaller
  • Fresh & Smooth skin

Review of the product I used:

Activated Charcoal Face Pack 01


This is a home-made activated charcoal powder that I ordered online from a all women’s page on Facebook. I had been reading about it and a lot of the ladies out there had good reviews about this natural charcoal powder and I was contemplating on buying it. Finally one day I gave it a shot and brought it via paying through Paytm.

It comes in a small back tiny bottle which I assume is a recyclable plastic bottle, considering it to be Eco friendly.

Benefits as listed on the bottle:

  • Absorbs all the pollution, excessive oil, toxins from your pores
  • Removes tan
  • Get clearer, naturally glowing. baby soft skin
  • Removes back & white heads
  • Acne & pigmentation free skin
  • Skin tightening

See the pictures below:


Activated Charcoal Face Pack 02



Activated Charcoal Face Pack 03

How to use:

  • Take equal amount of Aloe Vera gel & Activated Charcoal powder for face pack and make a smooth paste
  • Take equal amount of natural honey & Activated Charcoal powder for body pack and make a smooth paste


That’s how I made the paste. I used Aloe Vera gel with the Activated Charcoal powder as I wanted to use it on my face.

Activated Charcoal Face Pack 04

For smooth application I would advice you all to use a small size face pack brush. It will make your job hassle free and makes the pack application smooth & even on your face.

Activated Charcoal Face Pack 05


I know it’s funny & yeah that’s ME! lol 😛

Activated Charcoal Face Pack 06

Finally, back to being a human! Just kidding, but man, look at the freshness on my face. I feel so refreshed and light and rejuvenated. The pack did wonders to my dull skin.


  • Makes you feel fresh & rejuvenated
  • Makes your skin dirt free
  • Reduces tan (I won’t say removes tan)


  • Can get a little messy 🙁
  • It’s black charcoal powder can make your washroom a little messy until you have had cleaned everything

My take:

I would definitely use it again and it’s recommended to use it twice a week, only thing I would like to do is try to be little careful so I don’t create a mess again with all the black! 😛


Lemme know your views in comments below! 🙂


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