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Drawn Towards You – Chapter Two

Drawn Towards You – Chapter Two

Drawn Towards You – Chapter Two



She was about to put the paneer stick in her mouth when she suddenly felt strange, sudden silence engulfed in the hall. Abruptly people stopped chatting and the humming was suddenly paused. She saw everyone’s eyes stuck to the main entrance of the hall. It must be some big shot of the industry or some politician who caught the attention of the crowd, she thought. This was very common in such big parties having big shots invited to showoff the wealth and connections people had. Out of curiosity, Mishty also peeked over to look who “It” was who got all the attention.

As soon as she got a clear vision, her forehead cleared. It was none other but the industries’ big wig Mr. Aryan Mehta, the business head and C.E.O of the very famous & leading company Mehta & Sons. His business was wide spread, not only in India but abroad as well. If rumors were to be believed, he was a cut throat & cruel businessman. He used to buy dying companies and make the assets into liquid not bothering about the employees and their emotions. There was no second chance in his dictionary. He was the ultimate “dark cruel prince” of the market who was cold, hard & calculating profit in everything.

With all the coldness he was one fucking handsome billionaire with broad shoulders a good height and an oh so sexy rough looks and he was still a bachelor 😉

A model for the cover page of a business magazine who was in his late twenties and so hopelessly handsome. She had seen him in various parties and events that she use to attend with her father. It was said that he charged money for appearing in such events and parties as if he were some film star is what she thought. Among the haters that he had around, Mishty’s father was one among them. He hated this guy to the core.

Mishty was feeling bored and thirsty with all the glam people around her. She went ahead to the bar to get herself some fruit juice. She ordered herself a drink and was about to sit on a bar stool when she saw Suhana Ahua snicker behind her. She was one mean bitch!

She, along with her barbie dolls were a nightmare to all the wallflowers like Mishty.  Suhana was young and a pretty barbie doll who was engaged to one of the most handsome business tycoon of the state. Mishty, on the other-hand being four years elder, was still single and a wallflower. She was a topic of gossip for the barbie dolls because she failed to snare a businessman forget about a billionaire.

She was sick and tired of all those comments and gossips about her and thus she got up and moved around to exit from the not so worthy party. She took a turn and collided with a hard wall. She groaned in pain while rubbing her forehead not even once looking at the hard wall. Once back to her senses, she strained her eyes and neck to look up to the hard wall she had collided with. Man! she was looking straight into a dark brown piercing eyes she had ever seen. She wasn’t able to blink for she feared if she did the magnetic spell of such a hard gaze would break.



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