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The Winter People CVR

The Winter People By Jennifer McMahon – A Review !

The Winter People By Jennifer McMahon – A Book Review !

Something sinister and dark lurks in the deep woods of West Hall, Vermont. A little beyond the five, giant rocks resembling the palm of a hand–a giant Devil’s hand. And not far from it is a quaint little white farmhouse with black shutters and terrifying mysteries, just waiting to be unearthed. But the question is, do you have it in you to stomach those secrets? Terrible things have been happening to the residents of West Hall for a long time. The forest hides something evil inside it, but nobody knows what. Except maybe Sara Harrison Shea, one of the first few residents of that farmhouse. She has written down everything she knows, and recorded all the secrets in her personal diary. It contains a secret so terrible that if unearthed, could change the way people see death. And that is the story of The Winter People By Jennifer McMahon.


It was all there–Sara’s story, Auntie’s story. Ruthie’s own story, even.

The story of a little girl named Gertie who died.

Whose mother loved her too much to let her go.

So she brought her back.

Only the world she came back to wasn’t the same.

She wasn’t the same.

The Winter People By Jennifer McMahon – A Book Review !

I liked the book. But wasn’t blown away by it. I wasn’t scared out of my wits. At most, I felt a cold shiver, creep up my spine. The story’s strength lies in its promise of the revelation of the unknown. I practically finished this book in half a day. McMahon’s writing style is strong and distinct, urging you to keep reading, to keep flitting through the pages until you know everything there is to know.

The Winter People 123

Jennifer revealed important details very efficiently in the story, not directly feedingthem to us but letting us figure them out on our own, feeding us those important details by throwing them around us like little scraps of bread. The story thus, kept me fairly engaged, urging me to discern the clues, to figure out something I deep down already knew.

The Winter People By Jennifer McMahon – A Book Review !

We all love those good ol’ small town ghost stories full of naive small town people and an underlying myth that might be a fact. ‘The Winter People’ is one such story. I think this could be made into a really good movie. The story had strength, but not because of the plot or the setting. It had strength because it efficiently displayed the fragile nature of the human heart, the lengths a person could go in order to not part with a loved one. That part of the book was really realistic. How far can a woman go to not part with her daughter? With that in mind, the occurrences in the story seem quite believable.


The story was confusing at first. The writer didn’t establish her characters well, flitting from one to another without revealing too much about them, it was slightly difficult to fully comprehend what was going on in the story, until later on when we we were finally able to forge connections between them.


The book did give me a racing heart a couple of times and I wasn’t able to put the book down until I’d completely devoured every single page. I’d like to conclude, the book was a short, engaging read, sufficient  for an afternoon or two. It’s good while it lasts but it won’t leave you with a lasting chill up your spine.

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