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Pour Out All My Love Featured

Pour Out All My Love – The Poem !

Pour Out All My Love – The Poem !

Each of us is special in our own little way

But to me you are the most special every single day

You are a big part of my life, that’s what I have to say

And I hope that no one ever takes you away


You are so special because you make me smile

There is no one else who has your style

And for you I will go that extra mile

Just to make sure that you stay around for a while


You are so special and you’re very kind

And I’m really blessed that I once called you mine

You are the best woman any man could ever find

For you I know I am ready to leave everything behind


You are so special and its very true

And there’s nothing that I won’t do for you

The way you make me feel holds a clue

Something tells me that you feel the same way I do



Pour Out All My Love 11

You are so special and I really love you so

That is just the reason why I cannot let you go

To me, you are beautiful from head to toe

And whenever you’re around me, even you do seem to glow



You are so special and you’re as sweet as a dove

It is clear to me that you are the meaning of love

Like a shining star from up above

For you, I pour out all my love.


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