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Fidget Spinners – The Next Big Thing !

The Rubik’s cube, yo-yo’s and now fidget spinners have gained an instant popularity among children and even adults as these toys are a great pastime, if you are alone or with your friends and family.

What are these Fidget Spinners ?

Fidget Spinners 12These small ninja star- like things is said to be a cure of autism (Although it is not scientifically proven). These became a popular toy during the summer of 2017. Catherine Hettinger claims that she invented this famous toy, but it is yet not sure as to who has actually discovered it.

Fidget spinners can help you get rid of your habit of fidgeting with things. Although, if used as a toy, it is a great pass time for kids playing with it.

How do they work?

These fidget spinners have a ball bearing in middle and three arms for balance. Hold the bearing between the thumb and the middle finger. Using the index finger, push the arms of the spinner with the index finger, you can also use the other hand . After the spinner starts spinning fast (This might require you to practice a day or two), try balance it on your finger or you can make a spin tower using two or three spinners stacked on each other while they are spinning.

Market Price and Quality

The spinners are made of plastics, ceramic and metals. If you are a beginner, you can go with a plastic spinner as they are cheap, but if you are a pro, you should go for a ceramic or metal one as they are durable and promise a good spin time.

These spinners have a wide range of Market cost. They can cost anywhere between Rs.60 to Rs.30000 in the market. Although, you can go for a cheap one if you are not so passionate about these spinners.Fidget Spinners

Pros and Cons of Fidget Spinners


The fidget spinners are beneficial until used in a controlled manner. However, overuse can lead it to be a distraction from other tasks. Schools are banning these spinners as they create a distraction from studies and other tasks



Here, take a look at the video –

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C9AGC7_NmSg[/embedyt]


Buy here, its a cheap but quite interesting fidget spinner !

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