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The Tale of IceCream 1

IceCream – The Tale We All Love !

The Tale of IceCream !

I lay on the floor like a pile of bones,
Lifeless and low.
My whole world had just come crashing down on me,
The weight of which I wasn’t prepared to take.
You walked into my room that day,
You found me.
Not just then, or at that moment,
But me at my most vulnerable, at my weakest.
You didn’t say much like you never did,
But you still sat down by me, held my little hand in yours and asked, Icecream?
Was that the start of The Tale for me?

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And I really wondered was it always so easy?
I remember coming back from school with a bruise on my leg,
‘Cause I couldn’t do the math my teacher wanted me to, as quickly as she wanted me to solve it.
I told my mother about it and she said,
‘Tonight for dessert, there’ll be IceCream’
How was a scoop of Ice cream to make up for all of it?
For despair, heartbreak, melancholy and grief,
The only quick fix is IceCream.

For the millionth time IceCream was offered to me to cope,
And for the billionth time I took it up.
Was it because I liked,
Or because I wanted IceCream,
Maybe because it made me feel better,
But because it made her feel better,
Her, and him, and everyone else.

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