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Rustle Of The Lost Soul ! – Part One

“Excuse me, do you know where’s the classroom for 7th A?”

“Go to the 3rd floor, check for the classroom signs. By the way, new admission?”

“Thanks, and yes I am starting today.”

“Oh, welcome to our school. I am in 7th grade too, although a different division.”

“Thank you !!”

Rustle Of The Lost Soul ! – Part One

Rustle of the Lost Soul p112I beamed at the girl, not knowing what love and pain the future held. How was I to know, that this girl, this gawky looking girl with teeth braces and a weird clock-bangle combo in her left hand was going to become such an intimate part of my life. And then leave me devastated in despair.

Anyways, that’s how the story begins. That’s how our story begins. I had recently switched school and today was my first day at this new school. I always have a knack of not going to the school on the first day, due to some reason or other. So here I was, 6 days since the school had actually started. Utterly lost where to go. All the other kids rushing by. Although I am in no way a shy guy, but a new place, new school does things to you. I was afraid to ask anyone where I was supposed to go. I kept glancing at students figuring out whom to ask. Mentally making notes on how the general populace of the school behaves.

And at that precise moment a girl who was about to pass by me looked up at me and smiled. Now I am not a handsome chap myself, but I like to think that I am. And this girl smiling at me was not one I would have an instant crush on. But something in her smile, actually gave me the butterflies. Or maybe it was just because finally someone had looked my way since I entered the gates of the school. Coming out of the stupor, I finally eked out the courage to ask her directions to my classroom.

Rustle Of The Lost Soul ! – Part One

As I said, I am not an introvert. I am more of an ambivert. Soon I made ample friends not only in my grade but also other divisions as well. I had a “Hi, Bye” friendship with that nerdy girl from the first day as well. Maybe it was a stroke of luck, but I soon made couple of amazing close friends. And through them, I learned about the girl’s name – Victoria. Mind you, I was only curious about her and nothing else. I used to have crushes all around, but there was no one I really had the dibs on. Slowly, but steadily Victoria and I became friends. We graduated from just ‘Hello’s’ & ‘Bye’s’ to speaking to each other occasionally.

Fast forward to our 10th grade, three years later, which turned out to be my last year at that school. I actually started developing feelings for Victoria. We still were only good friends and not more. But I actually started liking her. But I had a very childish way of showing it. Maybe because of my naivety or my mischievous nature, my outlet for the Rustle of the Lost Soul p11feeling I had for her was quite different. I used to tease her by pairing her up with another of my friends. It caught on and soon everyone started teasing her with that other guy.

I had also proposed my love to her once, although in hindsight I now think that even I would not have taken my proposal seriously. Everyone knew of my mischievous nature and I used to prank people a lot. She took my proposal as a prank. Although I was extremely serious. I now started questioning my love out of the fear that I might lose my friendship with her too. Her smile, the smile that she gave due to my mischievous antics was something I did not want to lose.

Rustle Of The Lost Soul ! – Part One

And hence, Friendship won over Love. Soon I left the school and migrated to another city some 1300 miles away. Those were the days where forget Facebook, even Orkut was not that prevalent in India. I lost all contact with her. A new city, new life, new friends nearly pushed her thoughts out of my mind. I nearly forgot my love for her. Helped by the fact that she did not love me and only considered me as just another friend she had made. And just like that a year passed.


Do we meet again? How do we meet again? Will Victoria ever be mine? Or would she remain a star to my earth. Rains to desert-stranded. Maybe. Maybe not. That is my Rustle of the Lost Soul – Part 1. Do give your feedback. Your comments are welcome. I leave you with lines from a SRK classic. After all, SRK is Victoria’s favorite 😉 🙂

Chaahe jo tumhe poore dil se
Milta hai woh mushkil se
Aisa jo koi kahin hai
Bas wohi sabse hasin hai
Uss Haath Ko Tum Thaam Lo

Woh Meherbaan Kal Ho Na Ho

The one who Loves you wholeheartedly
Is very difficult to come by
If there is someone like that somewhere
She is the most beautiful
You may hold her hand
As she may not be there tomorrow

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