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After The End By Amy Plum 12

After The End By Amy Plum – A Book Review !

After The End By Amy Plum

Juneau lives in the Tundra region of Alaska with her clan. The post-apocalyptic life after the Nuclear World War III is a struggle. Everything in the world has been destroyed. One must live like the early man, relying solely on the Earth for survival, and one can never be too careful. One must save one’s resources and use them to the best of their abilities. The clan however is quite skilled at doing just that. They have a deep connection the Earth—to the force of Yara (a force of nature) that allows them to perform magical feats. Seventeen year old Juneau is very skilled and on her way to becoming the Clan Sage or head. But one fateful day changes everything. That’s how begins the After The End By Amy Plum.

After The End By Amy Plum

I absolutely loved this book, no questions asked. It was a very satisfying read and I finished reading this book in two sittings, only to have it end oh so abruptly. The sequel comes out in May 2015 and I can’t wait! I’d craved a Dystopian book and so, I decided to read this one. However, it turned out to be a fast paced Urban Fantasy with hints of humor and Romance.


The book kept me glued to it and I found myself reading it throughout the night. The writing style was casual and expressive. I loved the dialogue work. The chapters were fast paced, short and crisp. Now usually with the action packed books we face a problem—the books are usually plot centered and enough attention hasn’t been given to the characters, making them…flat. Not in this case! I loved the characters SO much.

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Juneau is cunning and smart. She doesn’t give up easily. She’s determined and independent. She’s tough and likeable—straight to the point, never beats around the bush. But she also has a human-like vulnerability deep inside her that she seldom shows. She’s good at figuring people out.Miles is naïve, a little spoilt and childish. He’s your typical modern day teenager—slightly lazy, takes things for granted. But somewhere deep inside, he’s just so tired of how things are. He wants to change. For once he wants to be appreciated and do something significant.

After The End By Amy Plum

She thinks he’s a moron–a spoilt, rich brat who is good for nothing. Even a liability, at times. But she needs his presence to complete her quest. He thinks she’s absolutely nuts. Who in their right minds devours bunny rabbits after hunting them, and believes they can do magic? But he needs her to get back into his father’s good books. They both are a “means to and end” for each other. And so they stick to each other, getting on each other’s nerves. Personally, I ship them–a lot.. You’ll understand what I mean when you read the book yourself. They are so perfect for each other. And Miles is SO funny. He’s one of the primary reasons I love this book. Their incessant banter is adorable.


Also, their personalities are so contrasting but they also complement each other which is a good characteristic of a successful and spicy fictional couple, the kind you wanna read about. They take each other out of their comfort zone. Their romance is realistic. From mutual distrust to slight attraction and moderate comradeship to finally friendship. Their romance is still developing as the book ends. Which is good. I like how the author is taking her time with it and not jumping into something heated and passionate so fast.

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After The End By Amy Plum : 3.5*/5*

All in all, the book was a fast and action packed with twists and turns. It was funny and entertaining and cute, in many ways. It’s not realistic, no. But what fantasy/Dystopian Novel is huh? And fantasy novels usually confuse me a lot, but this one did not, it was very understandable and the action scenes were written well, so no confusion there either. I’m excitedly waiting for the sequel and can’t wait to know what happens further in Juneau and Miles’ adventure.

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