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Rustle Of The Lost Soul ! – Part One

Rustle of the Lost Soul p1122

“Excuse me, do you know where’s the classroom for 7th A?” “Go to the 3rd floor, check for the classroom signs. By the way, new admission?” “Thanks, and yes I am starting today.” “Oh, welcome to our school. I am ...

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After By Anna Todd – A Book Review

After By Anna Todd 12

After By Anna Todd So, I opened Goodreads, to read the review for this book. All I could spot were single stars followed by aggressive, criticizing remarks. I wasn’t planning to write a book review for this initially, but seeing ...

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After The End By Amy Plum – A Book Review !

After The End By Amy Plum 12

After The End By Amy Plum Juneau lives in the Tundra region of Alaska with her clan. The post-apocalyptic life after the Nuclear World War III is a struggle. Everything in the world has been destroyed. One must live like ...

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In Real Life By Jessica Love – A Book Review!

In Real Life By Jessica Love

In Real Life By Jessica Love Hannah is the good girl who always does what is expected of her. She obeys her parents, follows all the rules, and maintains her good grades. She also lets life pass her by, playing ...

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Salem’s Lot By Stephen King – A Book Review !

Stephen King 1

Salem’s Lot By Stephen King This happens to be my first Stephen King book (the first that I’ve completed anyway.) I’d picked this book on several occasions but always ended up abandoning it because it started off so agonizingly slow. ...

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Jane Eyre By Charlotte Bronte – A Book Review

Jane Eyre 1

Jane Eyre By Charlotte Bronte – A Book Review A Victorian Gothic Novel, Jane Eyre is quite a drag in my opinion. It was dragging and tiresome in certain portions with excessive atmospheric description (quite well written though, in my ...

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IceCream – The Tale We All Love !

The Tale of IceCream 1

The Tale of IceCream ! I lay on the floor like a pile of bones, Lifeless and low. My whole world had just come crashing down on me, The weight of which I wasn’t prepared to take. You walked into ...

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