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Forgive, but try not to forget me!

Forgive, but try not to forget me!


Can you feel my heart racing?
I’ve tried the world to hold it for you!
But it wants to race to its dream!

I have said you time and again:
“That nothing in world can drift me away from you!”

But I’m a seasoned liar and I ask for your leave.
I have dreamt this dream my entire life;
And now this dream is alive!
Dreams often create a hope,
But this time it has broken one!

It’s such an irony
I promised my world to you.

But the world itself is drifting me away from you.
I have cried on your shoulders time and again;
I have shared every pain and joy in summer and in rain;
I don’t know whether I will ever be able to tell,
The pain I feel in ending this sweet tale!

I am venturing in my journey to make a better world,
But I ask pardon for I am destroying our small world!
Moments with you will always be in my heart,
Though it’s a bleak truth that I’ll be apart!

Forgive me if you ever can,
But try not to forget me!
With love!

Aman Kapadia

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