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Drawn Towards You – Chapter One

Drawn Towards You – Chapter One

Drawn Towards You – Chapter One





For her, family functions meant boredom and extreme torture. Torture because of the eyes that remained on her now and then, scrutinizing her and doing a screening of her from top to bottom. The looks that she got from around were condescending & disapproving because she was from a rich background she was by default meant to follow some standards, otherwise she was not approved by the crowd she move around in.

The males showed very little interest and those who dared to show were ripped apart by her father. She was bad in the ladies department too. The ladies around would feel sorry for her and behind her back gossip of her being still unmarried. She was even thought as a girl who has crossed the eligible age approved by the society. While she was moving around freely, she heard a few ladies whisper and that made her stiffen up and get her cheeks red and heated with anger, those ladies said a girl should be married off by the time she is 25, else she becomes a burden on the family.

Mishty chose to rather sit on a cactus then to hear all this shit crap and get subjected to such humiliation. She spent the whole afternoon finding the perfect dress and letting her silky straight hair down on a one piece with minimal make up thinking to fit in the party and now she felt it was all a waste of time and energy. She could have done something better yet she is stuck here in this party because her so sweet and loving mother emotionally blackmailed her and she couldn’t refuse her mom.

Mishty sighed being exasperated, She was not like this from inside, a desperately trying to fit in the society girl. She was merely 5 foot 4 inches, not so pretty and a little petite, and this was why she constantly felt conscious and awkward because with her looks she couldn’t create a buzz around nor make the heads turned, she could hardly get second glances; forget heads turning for her. She had an almond shaped face with small lips and huge almond shaped eyes that were bluish green. The best thing on her body were those pair of eyes! With such average looks, clumsiness, the blabbering, stuttering & low self- confidence, she was just a wallflower in such parties.

She only obliged to manage stay put in such parties because her evil father was a rich businessman and a potential appearance in such parties and it was his command that she followed. She was so afraid of her father that she wouldn’t dare go against him until she finally fled away.

She sighed looking down at her phone, expecting someone to message or call her and take her away from this stupid, mind wrecking party. She looked around and saw a few ladies staring at her, she managed a tiny fake smile when she really wanted to do is tell those ladies to give a rest to their brains and tongue. She was just 25 and not 50. She smiled at herself thinking of how she aimed at fulfilling her dreams and become a famous writer once she flees from the clasp of her father.

She looked around the food counter and saw a little boy sitting on a chair unattended, his mom was nowhere around. She loved kids, looking at him she immediately walked towards where the kid was sitting. As soon as she went closer the little boy gave a cute smile to her and she lifted him up and kissed his cheeks while saying “You look very cute in this suit lil boy”. She put the kid back on the chair and went ahead to feed herself something. She just wanted to concentrate on food now and so she started filling her plate and found herself a corner and sat down ready to hog the food.




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