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Drawn Towards You – A Short Fiction

Drawn Towards You – A Short Fiction




Drawn Towards You – A Short Fiction is about Mishty, a simple fun loving, cute, petite and rich daughter of a very crude and evil father who lived in Mumbai was finding ways to live her ambitions and dreams and desperately trying to get free from the strong clutches of her father.

With a fierce feminism that she had in her since she was a teenager, she aimed in making a difference in this male dominating society.

When here she was building strategies to escape from the clutches of her father, Aryan Mehta aka Archie, a 6 Feet 2 inches tall and handsome multimillionaire tycoon with all the sharp edges in business  and hard demeanor  made him the cold hearted Prince of the city. Being called as a cold hearted prince never really bothered Aryan, in fact he was looking to it in a positive way to create a fear in the people he was around with. In business fear of the opponent is what he wanted his competitors to feel.

He had an aim, and to achieve that he couldn’t afford being a soft chocolate boy. His sole aim right now was to fulfill his dead father’s dream and get that piece of land from the clutches of some petite rich brat (that is what he thought SHE was! )

She wants to run away from the clutches of her father and live a free life, she nowhere wants another crude male to dominate her and cage her and cut her wings, whereas He desperately wants to fulfill his dead father’s dream and get that piece of land from HER.

One day, a pact will be made, a marriage will happen, But only in the eyes of the society will it be a marriage and a couple drama, alone it will be two single souls trapped in one palace.

See how Mishty’s simple, fun loving & determined nature clashes with that of a crude, harsh & evil nature of Aryan’s.

Will there be a twist & turn in all the hard and fun loving souls?

Will Misty dig deeper than she is allowed to and find a way to HIS heart and break the TWO years CONTRACT MARRIAGE? Or will she be a vulnerable and a quite petite who will end up single for two years even though she is married in the eyes of law.



– Zubin.

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I would be happy to get valuable feedback from my readers. 😀

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  1. Always love your posts..

  2. 2 years? wow!

  3. Sounds intriguing.

  4. Alisha Webster

    Interesting! It definitely draws you in. Are you going to write the whole book on your blog?

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