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Born To Go !-- A Poem On Death & Life.

Born To Go – A Poem On Death & Life !


Born To Go 1

Death is scary,

Hearing about dying many people blackout.

Say what you will,

There’s nothing about death we like about.


Then how can one continue to live?

Knowing what’s ahead.

Something has to keep us fooled,

To block our thoughts of the final bed.

Born To Go

Our brains are deluded and deceived,

We will go on & on, is what we all believe.

We tend to keep our thoughts clouded,

From the utter dismay that we can’t conceive,


Or perhaps we think that when the moment arrives,

Someone else will take our place & we will survive.

Where logic is concerned, we’re so dumb & slow.

Why don’t we accept that we were born to go?

            —————– A Poem By Abhishek DuttaGupta

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