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Whatsapp Ultimate Tricks Of 2015 12

Whatsapp Ultimate Tricks of 2015 !!

Whatsapp Ultimate Tricks of 2015 !!


Who doesn’t know about Whatsapp? Whatsapp is the most used messaging application worldwide with a user base of around 1 billion people. It has also been voted as the best messenger app beating its competitors like WeChat, Line and Hike etc. Whatsapp has many awesome salient features and sending text, voice, image, video messages are extremely easy.  Users can send messages all over the world irrespective of service providers albeit it needs a presence of internet data connection.

You may know in and out of Whatsapp. But do you know which ones are the most amazing and ultimate tricks that you can use on Whatsapp?? Read on to know more about the Whatsapp Ultimate Tricks of 2015 !!.


  1. Hide Multiple Images in One Single Picture

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Have you ever got an image that looked like something else but when you opened it, it looks like something else? Do you want to send an image of a beautiful girl to your friend but when he opens it, the image changes into a monkey? Amazing isn’t it? Well, stop searching for various non-working tricks on other sites.

Just install MagiApp Tricks for Android or FhumbApp for iPhone and it will take care of all your image prank needs!!


  1. Stop Images received on Whatsapp from Appearing in Gallery

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Whatsapp images turn up in the phone’s gallery which can be extremely annoying and sometimes embarrassing. We have got an easy way out of this predicament.

On an iPhone, browse to Settings > Privacy > Photos and turn off WhatsApp.

On an Android, it is slightly tedious. Open a file explorer and create a new file. Rename the file to .nomedia and place it in the Whatsapp folder.


  1. Add Whatsapp Profile Picture to Contacts

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Did you ever want to add Whatsapp Profile picture to contact images but don’t know how to? You don’t need to save the display pic and crop and go through a hundred more edits to do this simple thing.

Just go to the Whatsapp folder on your memory card and go to the ‘Profile Pictures’ folder. Here, you will get all profile pics of your whatsapp contacts, simply click on them and set them as contact.


I feel it necessary to warn you before trying out the next two tricks as they are untested. They may result into disastrous implications both legally and/or personally. Bloggerkeeda.com, the author or any one related to it would not and could not be held responsible for any legal or personal troubles arising from this post.


  1. Extend Whatsapp Expiration up to 2022

Whatsapp is for a year, after which it charges US$ 0.99 per year. But there is a way you can get it extended up to 2022 i.e. 8 more years.

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What you need to do is delete your own whatsapp account. Convince a friend who has iPhone to register whatsapp with his number on his iPhone. But verify your number instead of his number on his iPhone. Then delete your friends account on his phone. Reinstall whatsapp on your phone and reverify.


  1. Spy on Someone Else’s Whatsapp

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Although spying is illegal and may harm your personal life, here is a way you can spy on your lover, child etc. Install Spymaster PRO. It provides ability to read any conversation on the target’s WhatsApp. It also shows the timestamp. But this is going to cost you.

There is another free alternative, but it is slightly tricky even to actually implement it. You need to have few minutes with the targets phone. Get the Wifi MAC address of the target’s phone. Spoof and change your phone’s Wifi MAC address to match the target’s. Once the confirmation is done, you can access the target’s Whatsapp account from your phone.


These are the Whatsapp Ultimate Tricks Of 2015. Try them ethically and have fun. Do tell us about your pranks !!! Leave your comments in the box below.

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