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Most Amazing Yet Unknown Places To Visit

Most Amazing Yet Unknown Places To Visit !! (Part One)

Most Amazing Yet Unknown Places To Visit !!

Our Earth is an immensely beautiful place. The most attractive thing about our planet’s beauty is that even though it is our home, much of the landmass still remains unexplored. They are quite astonishingly beautiful but not many are aware of these places. In this article, we take a look at some of these amazing but comparatively unknown and relatively unexplored places.


Ki Monastery, Spiti Valley, India

ki2Ki Gompa as it is most often called is a Tibetan-Buddhist monastery located at the Spiti Valley in the state of Himachal Pradesh in India. The monastery looking down over the village of Kibar had a not so peaceful history. Built in the 11th century, this monastery bore the brunt of any invading army of Mongols from the cold north. ki1The monastery also had seen many fires and earthquakes but still stands as one of the most beautiful monastery not only in India but also the whole world.


Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks, New Mexico, Unites States


Kasha-Katuwe means “white cliffs” in the native Pueblo language.  The unique tent like formation is due to a volcanic eruption that happened over 7 million years ago. kasha2The mountains and gorge were formed as a result of soft ash deposited by pyroclastic flows of the volcano eruption that happened millennium ago. It automatically nominates itself for the Most Amazing Yet Unknown Places To Visit.


Lechuguilla Cave, New Mexico, United States


The Lechuguilla cave is named after a unique species of plant found at the entrance of the caves – ‘Agave Lechuguilla’. Lechuguilla cave is the 7th longest in the world. lechu2

It is a must visit place for its rare formations, unusual geology as well as pristine condition. It is so unique that it had to be mentioned amonst the Most Amazing Yet Unknown Places To Visit.


Mount Erebus, Antarctica


Mount Erebus is the second largest as well as an active volcano at Antarctica. At the mountain summit, there are unique ice formations made due to the steam coming out of the volcano. Erebus2There are also innumerous ice caves which are extremely interesting for explorers. The blue afterglow coming of the ice caves makes the cave look amazingly unique. It is a rather obvious entry into Most Amazing Yet Unknown Places To Visit.


Krubera Cave, Abkhazia, Georgia


Krubera Cave is located in the country of Georgia in central Asia. It is the deepest landlocked cave system in the world. It has a startling depth of 2191 meters when calculated from its entrance. This cave is more popularly known as Vorony Cave which means the Crow cave in the native dialect. It is so amazing that a list of Most Amazing Yet Unknown Places To Visit would not be complete without it.


Wulingyuan, Zhangjiajie, China


This place is more famously known as the Avatar Hallelujah Hills based on the shooting of the famous movie Avatar. This place has more than 3,000 gigantic sandstone mountains.


Even though it has featured in a famous Hollywood movie and has been declared a UNESCO heritage site, it still remains hugely unknown. No doubt it had to feature in the Most Amazing Yet Unknown Places To Visit.

This was our list of Most Amazing Yet Unknown Places To Visit !! Feel free to add your views and feedback !!


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