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using social media to hunt for a job (509)

Using Social Media To Hunt For A Job !!

Using Social Media To Hunt For A Job !!

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Using social media to hunt for a job, sounds quite cliched right? Not so much if you believe the experts !! It is quite difficult to secure a job, but before that one needs to scout an open position. All one needs to do is strategically scrounge around on his / her own favorite social network.

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Everyone considers websites like Facebook & Twitter to be all fun and frolic, but very few accept them to be viable opportunities for business. Scrutinizing and combing personal as well as corporate accounts, business related hashtags and pages could help launch a bright potential career for you.

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Want to seek out an editorial chance in a very city close to you? Simply search for related hashtags on Twitter. Want to stay up to date with job openings of your dream company? “Follow” them on LinkedIn. Want to know the latest happenings of your preferred company? “Like” them on Facebook. Need to create that eye-catching resume to impress a recruiter or a hiring manager? Head over to Pinterest. It is not that difficult in using social media to hunt for a job as usually believed.

Here are few tips to net a job in your dream company through your favorite social media website.
  1. Pinterestusing social media to hunt for a job (3)

Pinterest is way more than just a beautiful place to find themes for your wedding or delicious recipes to cook up.

Are you tired of the standard, two sheet format of a resume? You can use the amazing features of Pinterest to “pin” your resume on the board. Not only that, but certain aspects of your character and experience can be highlighted as well as you can add photos and few web links. You can check out the amazing resume created by Rachael G. King by clicking here.  You can also follow boards containing helpful interview tips as well as jobs opportunities.

  1. Tumblrusing social media to hunt for a job (4)

Tumblr is a vast internet playground of rabid fandoms and GIF’s which could aid and help you in searching a job. You can search for tags and keywords like ‘recruitment’, ‘hiring’, ‘jobs’, ‘career’ for amazing opportunities. It might seem a bit of too much effort to separate the quality blogs than the rest but once u get the hang of it, it would aid you in finding quite a few companies advertising for jobs.

Tumblr also may just be the ‘thing’ in case you are the creative type. Create an account that crammed with your own content and tailored to your interests would automatically increase your uniqueness and appeal to potential employers stumbling on your site.

  1. LinkedInusing social media to hunt for a job (51)

Whenever someone says a networking website, LinkedIn comes to mind right away! LinkedIn has become the most obvious and most widely subscribed sites to hunt a job. It has become the choice for all professionals to network.using social media to hunt for a job (11)

So many features to choose from. One can connect with potential employers, hiring managers etc. LinkedIn is meant expressly for networking hence connective even with strangers become easier than Facebook. There are Job Boards, Company Pages, and Influencers etc., to be followed that can directly or indirectly aid you to search for a job. Then there are things like ‘Endorsements & Recommendations’ etc., which makes your profile look more robust and attractive. According to a recent research, there are 82% chances of a hiring manager checking out your LinkedIn profile.

  1. Facebookusing social media to hunt for a job (12)

There is no doubt about Facebook being the utmost, ultimate and undeniably the biggest social media network out there. The continuing rise of this social network juggernaut is well documented. But if you look past the entertainment and enjoyment part, Facebook can be a serious asset to a ‘Job Seeker’ as well.using social media to hunt for a job (62)

According to experts, most employers strive to achieve dynamic presence in social media. Hence it would be a no-brainer that engaging with them through likes and posts may result into a potential deal clincher. It is also beneficial that many-a-times companies themselves post links to their job boards. And just as hiring mangers go through the LinkedIn profiles of their potential recruits, they also go through the Facebook profiles to know about the characteristics of a potential employee.

  1. Twitterusing social media to hunt for a job (15)

Giving you just 140 characters to showcase yourself, Twitter is actually a goldmine of opportunities waiting to be grabbed. Twitter is swarming with job postings and networking opportunities for professionals if you know where to look.using social media to hunt for a job (21)

One can search for terms like ‘jobs’, ‘hiring’ and other keywords that apply to your career choice e.g. ‘content writer’ etc. You can also search for hashtags like ‘#jobs’, ‘#career’ etc. And although this is not exclusive, you should tweet quite often to get an opportunity to interact with like-minded people and network with them. You could also follow professionals, experts in your field of career and companies to be up-to-date. The utmost thing of importance is to keep your twitter account look neat, tidy and professional.

These are few tips in using social media to hunt for a job. Have something else to say, feel free to comment !!

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