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how to make a good everlasting impression

How To Make A Good EverLasting Impression !!

How To Make A Good EverLasting Impression !!

Let’s face it, most of us may sound great writing an e-mail, on social networking media and even on the phone. But when it comes to speak in person, most of the times we blow it up.

Quite often, many of us make initial business contacts by through social networking sites like Twitter, LinkedIn etc., or emails. It may be days, months, sometimes even years – before we actually meet in person. While the content that we write often shapes the first impression but the vibes we exude in reality makes an ever-lasting impression. The tone of our voice, the gestures in out body language and the focus of eye contact can make or break everything that came before.

Many prefer to think that what they speak is more important than their physical appearance. But to the contrary, your looks and demeanor is what people see first. According to Christine K. Jahnke, the famous speech coach and author of ‘The Well Spoken Women’, folks are judging you up before you even take off your coat. She recently met a senior-level engineer at a large defense company who used to wear a ski parka to professional meetings and insisted he purchase an overcoat.

Christine says “People notice every minute detail of your appearance right from your choice of clothing colors and how your shirt fits, to how dapper your hairstyle is and how prudent is the length of your fingernails. You don’t want anything about your appearance to be distracting — to take away from the message that you have come to communicate.”

It does not really matter whether you are giving a speech; going for a job interview; or delivering a presentation or debate, there are few sure shot methods how to make a good everlasting impression:



It’s quite natural to speak fast and quick whenever we are nervous. It is something that comes across no matter when on the phone or meeting in person. We need to slow down on purpose. Any hint of hesitation in your tone can make you sound unsure about yourself, but sometimes a deliberate and pre-determined pause can emphasize a key point.

Women, in particular, raise the pitch of their voices when they are nervous, making them sound girlish and squeamish. Whatever their age, that detracts from their credibility and a sense of authority – being in control.

We would suggest you to take a cue from the ‘yogis’ before picking up the phone or going to that all-important meeting. Breathe deeply, hold it for a second or two, and then exhale. This will not only help you relax but also improve the quality and sound of your voice. Thats the first point in how to make a good everlasting impression.



Leonardo da Vinci famously said “the eyes are the window to the soul”. But beware, but there is always a danger of over-doing it. It is not possible to hold an eye- contact for the whole meeting (we humans need to blink after all), but you don’t want to come across as if you are staring. Be extremely sure to make an eye contact when you first meet someone, and then onwards while delivering your most important lines.

During deliberate pauses in the conversation, don’t look up blankly at the ceiling – it seems like you’re trying to search for answers in the air. Instead, look off to the far side during moments like this and then slowly bring your eyes back and hold them as steady as possible while you complete the sentence. Many a times, people look away at during moments like these because they are in a hurry to finish their speeches. Its one of the most important point in how to make a good everlasting impression.



Every mother nags her kids about keeping their postures right. And let me tell you, she was absolutely correct when she told you to stand up straight. One should always keep his / her shoulders back. Also to be kept in mind is to never cross one’s arms in front (the closed body position). When you are seated, it is advisable to lean forward slightly, rather than leaning back into the chair. Leaning back can cause you to slump.



Nine out of ten times, a meeting starts with a handshake. There are a number of handshaking etiquettes as well. One needs to avoid the half-handed grip as it translates to half-heartedness. Shake hands with a firm grip, but be careful not to overdo and squeeze the hand too hard – absolutely no one ever likes that kind of embarrassing handshake. One also needs to be careful of what he / she is doing next. Clasping one’s hands either on the table or in your lap can reveal white knuckles or may lead to thumb twiddling which are again signs of nervousness. It would be advisable to keep your hands apart, in front of you, or place one loosely over the other. This is in now way any lesser than the other points in how to make a good everlasting impression.



A beaming smile makes you look confident, in control and relaxed. Humor, such as a funny story from day to day life is quite effective in breaking the ice and help your audience relax. But be careful to be tuned to the culture of person and the organization you are addressing / or speaking to. Do not joke unnecessarily. Humor should be used only if it has a purpose, such as to illustrate and / or emphasize what you’re saying.

Watch out for that sheepish laughter that sometimes punctuate our sentences while we are speaking—it is a mannerism that indicates you are nervous. “How long can you have a conversation with someone who laughs after everything they say?”

 Watch this video by Christine K. Jahnke speak about Body Language !!

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