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Solomon Solomon !!

Solomon Solomon !!

Solomon Solomon bury me in d grave,

Put a rose besides when the sun shreds its rays

One rose by you and one by my Mommy Daddy,

One by my elder sister & some from my best buddies.


Solomon Solomon come to my grave,

Put handful sand and bury me away

One handful sand by you & one by my Daddy,

One by my close ones & make my buddies stand far away.


Solomon Solomon promise you will never cry,

And you will bid me a smiley good bye


Solomon Solomon in rose petals I will lay
And go up in heaven flying away


Solomon Solomon promise you will look after my loved one,

And never let a tear come to my mom


Solomon Solomon one last request again,

Bring me a Pink flower when you come to see me again.



Zubin Surani.

About Zubin Surani

Just another girl who loves to write... Favorite topics are Fashion, Beauty, Poem, Books, Travel and Photography!! Feel free to connect by clicking on the button below :D

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