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Travel Tips To Keep Your Home Safe 9

Travel Tips To Keep Your Home Safe !!

Travel Tips To Keep Your Home Safe !!

Who doesn’t love travelling? We all need that break to run away from the stress and monotony of routine life. We do too ( Read our Travel Diaries
😛 😛 ) When we plan for a vacation, we tend to plan out the sequence right from venturing out of your home till returning back to your home. But do we give any thought at all to the security of our homes when we are away? Do we really take care to safeguard our houses from potential burglars?
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According to a recent research, almost 88% houses get burgled when the dwellers are away on vacations. It is important to protect our houses as much as it is to protect ourselves, especially when no one’s at home. (Remember Home Alone movies?) .

We, at Team Bloggerkeeda scourged the net to find good and efficient tips to secure our homes from possible incursions while we are away.


  1. Observe & Monitor Your House.

It is of utmost importance to monitor your house even when you are half a world away. The easiest way to do so is by installing CCTV or security cameras. With technology advancing, most modern cameras are equipped with night vision and motion sensors. And these can be synchronized with your smartphones & tablets. According to a Police report in US, around 70% burglars did not attempt to rob a house that has security cameras installed.

Travel Tips To Keep Your Home Safe 6There are also cheaper alternatives. One way to check in on your house is to get a neighbor or a close friend to watch out for your place. Another is to program your computer’s built-in webcam or a similar gadget to act as a security camera. There are innumerous apps on the market that enable users to access their web-cams from their smartphones so that nothing is missed.

That said, it is imperative to note that simple forms of surveillance may not be adequate enough in the event of a burglary or a break-in. It is not sufficient to just watch your home being raided by a burglar; you need to be able to take appropriate & quick action as well. There should be a worst-case-scenario action plan ready in such cases. Do consider a professional home monitoring & surveillance system and let the experts take care of the security of your home. The most important of all Travel Tips To Keep Your Home Safe.


  1. Make It Look Like You’re At Home.

An empty home attracts attention of the wrong type. It obviously makes a easy target for burglars and criminals. This is why you need to make it Travel Tips To Keep Your Home Safe 2look like someone is at home. There are abundant ways to pursue this façade. First for all, get your newspapers / milk / mails stopped. These things lying unattended at your door step for days is a dead giveaway. Have your  trusted friends or neighbors to be at your home for a period of time. You can also have timer based lights or stereo music to start based on their pre-set timings. Keep few lights on inside the house etc are few cost-efficient ways to make it look someone is at home. Quite neccesary Travel Tips To Keep Your Home Safe.


  1. Keep A Check On Your Excitement. 😛

Travel Tips To Keep Your Home Safe 1Who won’t be excited about a vacation? It’s okay to post few statuses and photographs; we all do that. But there is definitely no need at all to declare your whole itinerary to the whole world. Try to minimize posting about upcoming travel on social media networks or other similar Internet sites — this gives a loud & clear signal that you won’t be around. Perhaps more importantly, try to keep posts minimal when you’re out of the country. Most networking sites give the location you are posting from and can draw criminals to an empty home. Agreed that these are somewhat harsh, but desperate measures need to be taken to safeguard your house. Be rest assured, they are worth it. Hence it finds its way in the Travel Tips To Keep Your Home Safe.


  1. Switch Off Devices That May Lead Intruders To Your Home.

Do not, I repeat, do not leave such devices plugged in or on that can make it simple for an intruder to break-in or lead to your empty home. Travel Tips To Keep Your Home Safe 8A electronic remote controlled garage door, if left on, can be opened using a universal remote controller. Your car that you parked at the Airport or at the Railway station; can have a turned on GPS which will lead straight to your home.  Turning on devices that are not needed will save electricity as well.


  1. Prepare For The Worst.

No one would want to get their homes burglarized ever, but nevertheless it’s better to be prepared for the worst. You should always have contingencies in place. Before leaving on your trip, check your insurance policies. Make sure everything is up to date and provides adequate protection. Ensure that your coverage extends to robberies, as opposed to just accidents like floods or fires. And don’t forget to take photos of your belongings — this documentation can save you headaches in case of crisis. The first thing your insurance company will ask for in the event of a robbery is evidence of what was damaged or stolen.

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These are our Travel Tips To Keep Your Home Safe. All in all, secure your houses before you venture out. I am sure you all would have made humongous efforts to turn your house into a home, make sure nothing adverse happens to it. Here’s to wishing you a hassle and glitch free vacation. Cheers!!


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  1. Awesome tips. At least now I already have more ideas to keep my home safe while I’m on vacation.

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