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An Angel Sent By The Lord !!

An Angel Sent By The Lord !!


I lay in bed, holding my head high

Looking at the sky, don’t know why?


I guess I’m searching something

But ain’t able to find anything


Dark is the sky so blue

Nothing in life sticks without a glue


I’m broken into pieces, like bits of a paper

Layer by layer I try to fix,

But something is wrong with the mix!


I see the sky crying

But people say it’s pouring


I run for shelter which is nowhere to find

And I see a devil running behind


I seek help, I shout & I cry,

No one comes & tears get dry!


I fold my hands & pray to God

And I know help will come from the Almighty Lord!


He sends an Angel to rescue me,

I wipe my tears & follow thee!


I close my eyes & hold his hand

It was my daddy who lord had sent


I become happy & jump high

He hugs me tight & never says goodbye!


– Zubin Surani

About Zubin Surani

Just another girl who loves to write... Favorite topics are Fashion, Beauty, Poem, Books, Travel and Photography!! Feel free to connect by clicking on the button below :D

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