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Travel Diaries is all about “A holiday abroad”- Everyone in his/her life dreams of a holiday trip abroad. For some it’s the curiosity to know how different countries look like while for others it’s just a way to relax themselves from the daily hectic/busy/chaotic schedule. Taking a break from your daily regime and planning a short trip abroad is now becoming so common.


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Those days are gone when travelling abroad was something big! Now it’s just few steps like some internet surfing for gathering information about your destination & an agent’s help for passport (that is if you don’t own one!). Decide place, set a budget, get the details, book the tickets, pack your bags & you are ready to explore a new country! (don’t forget to shop for clothes/accessories according to your destination; a bad attire is so NO NO! I always shop before I go on a trip 😉 )

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To travel is easy but to travel to some destination that is new isn’t easy at all. Until you plan to go by some travel guides who have pre-prepared itineraries of specific destinations your trip is gonna be perfect yet boring because you wouldn’t be exploring things on your own.

Would you travel with a group of friends or rather prefer going all by yourself? If traveling alone sounds terrifying, that’s solely because you haven’t realized how it can be the best way for you to explore the different places. If you really wanna enjoy your vacation you should work over it, plan it & execute it keeping the entire hustle bustle in mind.

Travel Diary 06

I’m a travel freak though I have up till now just visited a few countries & being a blogger I felt the urge to pen down about these places sharing my experiences. My Keeda for exploring new places & that weakness of going to new countries leads me to writing this for all my readers.

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Travel Diaries has a mission i.e., to help you indulge your love for travelling to new places, whether you are staying home or on the road.

Travel Diaries is a little initiative to narrow down endless options (destinations) to those that are worth going to & are special “must-see” types!

The Asian countries I had been were Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, & some European countries like Italy, Switzerland, France, Austria, Germany & Belgium.

Travel Diary 05

I will begin it with my initial ever vacation abroad i.e. the unforgettable place popularly known as “Singapore”.

Stay tuned with me for exploring about Singapore my 1st destination of my travel diaries & my 1st ever trip abroad!!

Look for this space for my upcoming post about the fabulous country “Singapore”…

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