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The Navratri Trends for 2014 - 09

The Navratri Trends for 2014

The Navratri Trends for 2014


The Navratri Trends for 2014, I already highlighted you with the Chaniya Choli Trends  this festive season, the traditional Chaniya Cholis, Dhoti Kedyu & Kurtas that are in trend for the festive season! Now you must be wondering what you will be accessorizing these outfits with? BloggerKeeda brings you the top Jewelry trends this festive season.

Accessories have always been a top priority as well as a style statement for Navratri Festival. One feels incomplete without having accessorizing her/him self.

The streets of Nava-Bazaar in the city area of Vadodara have been one of the oldest markets with innumerable shops selling variousThe Navratri Trends for 2014 - 20 The Navratri Trends for 2014 - 21varieties of Chaniya Choli, colourful Dupattas, Kediyu Dhoti & colorful traditional jewelry. During Navratri Festival, this place is flocked by young girls, women and men as well for the best jewelry in market. Street shopping makes it a best buy with reasonable pricing of the Accessories.

This year it’s all about the statement pieces like stone neck pieces, colourful kundan neck pieces & bangals, Golden & silver strings as Kamarbandh, Deepika style Chaand Balis, & Colourful Gems etc. Navratri was all Blingy this year!

I also saw traditional jewelry of black metal, earrings, anklets, Beaded neckpieces, bracelets and bangles in different colors as well as the old traditional oxidized ornaments.

These Neck pieces are eye catching & have a very appealing design and color.

The Navratri Trends for 2014 - 16

 The Navratri Trends for 2014 - 19

The Navratri Trends for 2014 - 18

The Navratri Trends for 2014 - 17

Colorful bangals, Kadas & hand-cuffs were also seen to be treading in  the markets!

The Navratri Trends for 2014 - 15

Als0 have a look at these classy cholis that were in trend this festive season!

The Navratri Trends for 2014 - 14

The Navratri Trends for 2014 - 12The Navratri Trends for 2014 - 13

The Navratri Trends for 2014 - 11

These cholis are of traditional Gamthi style found in neon colours, lace work, abhla work & tikki & aari work. With the traditional Gamthi work jazzy choppat material is also used to make it glitter at night. Parsi work cholis were also seen this festive season. Also to enhance the look Danglers are used at the strings to make it look more Blingy.

The Navratri Trends for 2014 - 10

The colourful Leheriya Dupattas were also quite in trend this festive season. Plain Dupattas, multi – colour Dupattas, bodered ones bright & bold colours were seen!

The Navratri Trends for 2014 - 05


The Navratri Trends for 2014 - 07










I’m fortunate to have friends who help me shop & model for me too! 😉 A friend in need is a friend indeed is very much true for my last minute shopping hawl!

Have a look at the pics of  my bestie who is one big fan of navratri & how she had dressed up this festive season! (i should tell you, She is one professional garba player 😛 )

The Navratri Trends for 2014 - 01The Navratri Trends for 2014 - 02



Well after roaming around, walking through the lanes of Nava-Bazaar, these were a few things that i had bought for myself  (not much though) to add to my collection of Navratri. 😛

The Navratri Trends for 2014 - 04The Navratri Trends for 2014 - 03







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