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Can Smartphones Beat Camera !

Can Smartphones Beat Camera !

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In any “photographic moment” it is utterly impossible to overlook the blatant overuse of the camera phone.  This is a complete change from the times when photographers were easy to be indentified rather than now wherein anybody can be a clandestine photgraphers by using a camers phone. Even at occasions that were traditionally ruled by the professional photographer carrying huge and expensie cameras such as weddings, parties, gala events etc, we now come across innumerous hands rising up to snap photographs and pictures with camera enabled phones.  Conventional photography is a traditionally highly skilled and artistic profession. The precision of the traditional camera equipment and the creative ability and skills of the photographers to deliver high quality outputs in the form of images to their customers usually are the result of years of mastering and practicing the art.  But today it is easily possible for absolutely anyone to become an amateur photographer using just a regular cell phone with inbuilt camera.

This is no doubt an important point in time for the ilk of innumerous professional photographers who have invested a lot of money and time toBK-Can Smartphones Beat Camera 3 master the art of photography.  The professional photographer stands at crossroads, is this the end of their profession?  Will digital phones make them obsolete and completely insignificant? For the budding and aspiring photographers, what would their future be?  Should they even invest in learning to use these sophisticated equipment that makes professional photography so superior?  Why do they even need to bother if camera phones are going to make it all look ancient?  The questions are not only for the photographers. For the customers, can they get the same quality of photographs with using camera phones as they can by hiring a professional photographer?

These are valid and important questions.  It is extremely common that when a new technological find begins to encroach into any profession, the old guard of that profession starts to feel threatened.  It happened a long time ago when television came along and the media portrayed it as BK-Can Smartphones Beat Camera 4the death of radio.  It also happened when talkies and then eventually color was introduced to movies and television and at each technological improvisation in the world of music.  With each technological advancement came a dire prediction of the demise of that industry. But on the contrary, the opposite took place and those affected industry either adjusted, evolved or got better and prospered even more than before.

On a personal level, I still dont feel that the advent and popularisation of the camera phones to bring destruction of professional photography. I am sure you would all agree that camera phones still cannot achieve the same levels of quality as that of, maybe, a DSLR. There is quite a good reason for the professional photographer to invest in highly sophisticated equipment to takes to a shoot.  The many years and decades of research in the field of photography has brought out technology that has superior quality and handles most problems faced in photography. Equipments used in modern photography has preciseBK-Can Smartphones Beat Camera 2 instrumentation built in it to handle various lighting issues and to produce a professional quality outcome that delight customers with their charm.

It is common sense that concert photography, forensic photography, fashion photography etc will never accept the low quality standars that are the outcome of phones enabled with cameras. It would also not be incorrect to say that camera phones are amateur devices for photography. Standards of the image will always be compromised in a camera phone while high standards of quality are what make professional photography a value to it’s customers.

Dont get me wrong, this is no way an attempt to portray camera phones in a negative light.  Trust me when I say that they are great fun and have their specific uses.  But what I want to convey is that the ones in the professional photography world have nothing to fear from the growth of this particular technological advancement.

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