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Navratri: Nine Divine Nights - 1

Navratri Nine Divine Nights

Navratri Nine Divine Nights


Navratri Nine Divine Night’s festival is celebrated in the honor of Goddess Durga. “Nava-ratri” literally means “Nine Divine Nights.”

Garba” is a very popular and well-known traditional folk dance originated in the state of Gujarat-India.

Well, being born & bought up in Gujarat, Navratri is a festival which I look forward to with zest & enthusiasm of performing Garba & Dandiya-Raas. Not only it’s a festival of puja of the Goddess but also of the traditional dance, fun & enjoyment playing with family & friends, & thoseNavratri: Nine Divine Nights - 5 melodious Garba songs sung by famous singer like Atul Purohit ji (My fav 😛 ) I bet you just can’t stop your feet from tapping on the melodious tunes!

With Garba, comes the traditional dress for males popularly known as “Kediyu & dhoti” and the traditional attire for females popularly known as “Chaniya Choli”. Traditional Ethnic looking Chaniya Cholis, traditional Kurtis for guys, & colourful Kediyu-Dhoti are considered as the patent outfits which has numerous varities from different colurs to cloth materials designed with colourful Laces, Tikki work, Gamthi style work, Abhla work etc etc. with dress comes along the traditional jewelry that everyone wears to enhance their look.  These nine divine nights are considered to be very colourful just for the attire that everyone wears.


Nine divine nights call for 9 different outfits for the guys & girls which means colourful Chaniya Choli & Kediyu for nine different nights (repeating the Chaniya Choli is a Crime! 😛 ). Not only females are enthusiastic & shop madly but also for the males who carry the same zest & enthusiasm to play Garba & dandiya-raas.

Navratri: Nine Divine Nights - 7

Navratri started on 25/09/2014, and I’m all set to hit the grounds. I thought why not share my encounter with you guys about the markets full of crowed rushing here & there, bargaining, exploring the wonderful stuffs available in the markets.

Thanks to a friend of mine, I could do my last minute shopping for the Navratri. Markets in Gujarat have a huge variety of chaniya cholis. Here in Gujarat people prefer street shopping for Navratri as it offers a large variety of out-fits & fits people’s pocket as well ( I did street shopping ).

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Navratri: Nine Divine Nights - 6

Stay Tuned for more such Chaniya choli’s, Kediyu & dhoti patterns of 2014, also the jewelry and the make-up for Navratri’14 till then enjoooooooy Garba, ke hove hove – Nine Divine Nights!!

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