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The Little Fairy Tale - Bkeeda

Little Fairy Tale – A Poem!!

Little Fairy Tale


As I write this little fairy tale,
I think about the past & wail.

Those days of happiness have gone somewhere,
And I struggle to find them everywhere.

Kisses & hugs & smiles we had,
Thinking about it makes me go mad!

Little things made me happy then,
I thanked God & said amen.

Times have changed now,
And I question thou?

Will those people I love come back?
Will the time go back?

Now I sit alone & think,
Tears fall down when I blink.

I miss being a toddler,
Now am busy earning dollar.

Princesses and dragons,
Horses pulling wagons.
All have gone missing,
Though I keep searching.

Now that I have grown big,
All the money I dig.

Innocence has left away,
Becoming rich is the new way.

Chocolates & cookies have gone,
Tablets & syrup in the closet lay on.

Then, hide & seek was my favorite game,
Climbing high in society is the new aim.

Tick tock tick tock the clock goes,
Years gone by very close.

You’re a big girl now daddy says,
I know I have to go a long way.

Friends & fun & parties now,
Mean is the world I know how.

Keeping the good old memories safe in a box.
Someone at the door knocks.

Work is waiting; the bosses bark,
Listening to this I get ready to embark.
Those pretty days have gone,
And won’t come back even when its dawn.

I accept the bitter truth & walk,
That’s how life is I talk.

Back to reality I came then,
Little Fairy tale was over when !!

–         Zubin Surani

About Zubin Surani

Just another girl who loves to write... Favorite topics are Fashion, Beauty, Poem, Books, Travel and Photography!! Feel free to connect by clicking on the button below :D

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  1. Excellently written poems Zubin Surani 🙂
    Looking forward to more of your talent….happy scribbling!

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