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DIY Canvas Shoes

DIY Canvas Shoes !

DIY Canvas Shoes – Turn your old school worn out canvas into new!


This is a review of DIY canvas shoes to your new sexy shoes.

Being a shop-a-holic & fashionista I love all things that are IN, trendy, new in market & ones that fit my pocket 😛  I have a bad addiction for shopping but I don’t have a problem with that because I was born to be a shop-a-holic & a fashionista 😉 When I’m shopping I am the happiest girl on the planet. I’m also a travel freak, I love to travel and discover new things around this unfortunately leads to constant changes in my taste towards fashion & I end up buying at least one fashion thing a week & that is a huge problem to my pocket which is limited, so I have now started DIY on every possible thing!

To be honest this is a confession of a shop-a-holic. How many pairs of shoes do you own?? How many shoes lay in your shoe rack/closet?? Do have old worn out sneakers which you just can’t throw?? Then here you will get help to paint them into new!

This DIY canvas shoes talks about how you can transform your old/worn-out pair of shoes into trendy new ones!

Am sure everyone out there has some old pair of canvas shoes lying in the closet or probably has a new but quite plain canvas shoes which doesn’t excite you while wearing them. So let me help you turn your old canvas shoes into new!

Here is how I painted my old school canvas shoes into shiny new ones (thankfully my shoe size didn’t go big & they fit me perfect 😉 )

DIY Canvas Shoes

Things that you will require:

Old/Plain Canvas shoes – I used my white school canvas shoes which were quite old but in good condition. You can use any colour canvas shoes you like.

DIY Canvas Shoes - 2

 Acrylic paints – Pidilite Acrylic Paints top notch quality – goes on smoothly with a beautiful look. You can  also use other brand’s acrylic paints sold at craft shops such as Folk Art, artist’s acrylics, Decoart, Martha  Stewart’s Craft Paint or acrylic wall paint.


DIY Canvas Shoes - 1

Brushes – Synthetic paint brushes which are suitable for acrylic paint. Prefer a medium sized brush for the larger area of canvas & a small brush for the edges.

Acrylic primer – All purpose wall painting primer works just perfect!

You will also need Painter’s tape, Paint tray, water cup for rinsing brushes, rag etc. You can also replace your old shoe lace with some new bold colour as I did. I bought a thick Black shoe lace from a street clobber

Next you need to do is “Plan you design for the shoes”

Unless you are some great talented artistic daredevil, start simple. Pick basic designs which are simple to paint which you can fill with solid colours and outline with marking pen.

My plan was to stick to simple & a bit shimmery look & so I planned to paint them in Shiny silver – blue combination.

I also used a cloth badge to give more decorative look!

Steps to be followed:

  • First & foremost remove the shoe laces so that they don’t get painted 😛
  • Apply painter’s tape as cover to the areas where you do not wish to paint (such as the edge of the soles).
    I have painted into two shades blue & silver so while painting the blue part I covered the silver one.
  • Prime the canvas areas you will be painting and allow to dry completely so that you can paint the surface smoothly. You want the canvas covered in primer, but not so thickly that you lose the texture because the texture helps the acrylic paints to easily “grab” the surface.
  • Draw your design on the shoes using an HB pencil. (for the patch I drew the shape so that I can fix it on proper place) Go lightly or the pencil will show through the paint.
  • Fill in your shoes with the acrylic paints & allow it to dry completely. (you can use hair dryer for quick dry)
  • If you interested in enhancing your shoes more then use marking pens to outline your designs and allow it to dry.
  • Remove painter’s tape, colour the remaining areas as in the edges
  • Give the final touch, put the laces back in, & you are ready to rock and roll 😀 .

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