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The 10 Best Photo Editing Tools 1

The 10 Best Photo Editing Tools !!!

The 10 Best Photo Editing Tools  !

The 10 Best Photo Editing Tools   —  With the advent of the digital age, editing photographs has never been easier. Not denying the fact that modern digital cameras are a blessing for photographers. But everyone needs a little bit more. Gone are those days of manually setting attributes on your camera before taking a photograph. Though modern digital cameras are more than capable of giving you the best quality images with very less efforts, people still face issues with color balance, background lighting, red eye removal and many other similar glitches in the photograph. There are innumerous photo editing tools available in market nowadays. These can resolve most errors and can help make your photographs into ones with superior quality output. Amongst these innumerous photo editing tools, we bring you The 10 Best Photo Editing Tools which will help in making photographs look amazingly stunning!



Adobe Photoshop


No other photo editing software can top the popularity and power that Adobe Photoshop has become.  Photoshop has become so synonymous with editing photographs and adding/editing effects that the term, “to Photoshop” has become a verb that means to edit / enhance / alter an image. It has to be the best tool amongst The 10 Best Photo Editing Tools.


GIMP stands for “GNU Manipulation Program”. It is another amazing photo editing software. Initially, GIMP was developed for LINUX based systems. Nowadays, GIMP is available for all other operating systems as well. It is so widely renown that it has to be in the The 10 Best Photo Editing Tools.



Photoscape, apart from being an image editing software also helps to find similar images on the internet. PhotoScape also helps to create animated GIF’s and slideshows apart from editing photographs. It also has various features like bulk renaming tool and batch photo editor.



Photobrush is an immensely powerful photo editing software. It has an extremely easy user interface and is majorly portrayed as the alternative to the costlier Adobe Photoshop.



Paint.net is not only an image editor but also a photo and image manipulation software. Image or photographs can be edited in layers and this software has a lot of plugins to be used for editing photographs.



Picasa is another powerful photograph manager tool. The best part about Picasa is that it is a product from Google. Picasa apart from giving you image editing features also gives you a photo gallery as well as direct access to upload photographs to your Google account. Just being from Google’s stables warrants its position in The 10 Best Photo Editing Tools.



Pixlr is an easy and straight forward photograph-editing software. Fix red-eyes, edit layers, crop, resize etc are extremely easy to use features in Pixlr.


This is a very simplistic photograph editing software. It offers almost all features at just one click. It is more of a retouching tool rather than a conventional photo editor. It also includes a photo-masking tool for amazing effects. Its simplicity makes it worth mentioning in The 10 Best Photo Editing Tools.



Phoxo’s best features include applying special effects and custom made watermarks and holograms on your images. Phoxo is so easy that even a kid can produce professional looking photographs.


Photo PosPro

The beauty of this software is its minimalistic approach towards photo editing. Apart from conventional editing options, Photo PosPro also provides fun effects, magical effects, firework effects etc. Its minimalistic approach is what brings it to The 10 Best Photo Editing Tools.

These were the The 10 Best Photo Editing Tools according to us. It would be prudent to note that the list is not in any order but simply our picks. If you have something to add feel free to write us your comments…!!

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